Maca Smoothie Blend (200g)


Power Super Foods – Maca Smoothie Blend (200g)

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This raw, vegan and fairtrade Maca Smoothie Blend makes enjoying a super yummy and super healthy smoothie easy! The 50/50 Maca and Cacao Powder blend combines the nutty vanilla taste of energizing Maca Powder with stress-busting raw chocolate Cacao Powder. Maca is high in protein (20 amino acids), essential fatty acids, vitamins, and too many minerals and trace elements to list while Cacao Power has 360% MORE antioxidants than regular cocoa, and is a source of beta-carotene, protein/aminos, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, chromium and magnesium. 

Certified Organic Fair Trade Maca Root Powder (50%) & Certified Organic Fair Trade Cacao Powder 50%


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