Certified Organic Maca Powder (200g)


Power Super Foods – Certified Organic Maca Powder (200g)

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Energising Maca is the most sacred offering from the Inca tribes of antiquity, invigorating all who consume it with a massive array of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Maca is a uniqely revatilizing and energy containing superfood with 20+ amino acids, EFA’s (essential fatty acids) and an abundance of vitamins and trace elements!

Maca Power® powder is fresh milled to order then climate controlled shipped from Peru. The temperature-controlled processing prevents oxidization and rancidity, especially of heat sensitive vitamins, essential fatty acids, and proteins (amino acids). Note the 14.6% protein level — This premium strength Maca is the freshest, most supreme quality Maca in the world.

100% Certified Organic pure, dry MACA Powder.
Suggested Uses:
Mix into smoothies, yoghurt, cereal, oatmeal, muesli, fruit juice, or bake into cakes or cookies.



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