Wild Hibiscus In Syrup 5 Jar Pack

Wild Hibiscus In Syrup 5 Jar Pack
Product Code: 5 Jar Pack
Weight: 1.25kg
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A Beautiful and Unique product - Serve our exquisite Wild Hibiscus Flowers as a garnish in Champagne at your next special occasion, celebration or dinner party!

Also good as an excuse to crack open some bubbly, the little flower sits in the bottom of the glass, all the bubbles stream off and subtly unfurl the flower, at the end of the drink you can eat the flower it has a delicious raspberry & rhubarb flavor.

All natural and entirely made by hand in our purpose built facility in Sydney, Australia this is the website for THE ORIGINAL WILD HIBISCUS FLOWERS IN SYRUP you have been hearing about! We have been making Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup all day every day for the past 13 years and now export our famous product to 37 countries!