Wellington Apiary Leatherwood Honey 325g

Wellington Apiary Leatherwood Honey 325g
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Wellington Apiary Leatherwood Honey

Texturally luscious, cold extracted leather wood honey from Robin O’Brien at Wellington Apiaries.

The Tasmanian honey industry is built on the iconic and endemic Leatherwood tree (Eucryphia lucida). At the start of the new year, Wellington Apiary deliver hives deep into the western forests of Tasmania. When the Leatherwood trees are in full bloom, the whole forest fills with the earthly rich aroma of their nectar. This aroma attracts the bees, producing a honey that is ochre yellow with a spicy and strong aroma.

This honey has a unique flavour, incomparable to any other, filling the mouth with earthy and spicy flavours. It is set with a fine crystal and remains semi-soft once bottled. Leatherwood honey is so distinctive it has been included in the International Ark of Taste (an international society that recognises rare, endangered and culturally significant foods).