Herbie's, Vanilla Beans Mexican 2 Beans

Herbie's, Vanilla Beans Mexican 2 Beans
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Herbie's Spices Mexican Vanilla Beans

Are graded according to flavour quality, not size and are moist, succulent, aromatic and full-flavoured. These black, fragrant, pliable cured pods from Mexico flavour ice creams and desserts. (SML PKT)

Other Common Names: Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Pod, Vanilla Extract.

What is Vanilla ?

Vanilla is made by drying and curing the green, tasteless pod from a tropical, climbing orchid that is indigenous to South America. The curing process takes up to 3 months and by the time it is completed, a Vanilla Bean may have been handled from between 200 to 250 times! Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after Saffron because growing the vanilla seed pods is so  labor-intensive. Despite the expense, vanilla is highly valued for its flavour.

Add a whole Herbie'sVanilla Bean to fruit during stewing, or slit the bean open and scrape out the millions of sticky seeds within and blend through ice-cream, unflavoured yoghurt, or rich, thick cream.