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Knowing that the essence of Middle Eastern flavour is in the intricate marriage of spices and unique ingredients, Sami’s Kitchen set out to create a beautiful range of carefully crafted products that would represent Middle Eastern cuisine in all its diversity, to enjoy and share with friends.

Through the Sami's Kitchen range, we aim to share the flavours and beauty of Middle Eastern cuisine, culture and colour. We marry traditional Eastern flavours and stories with modern lifestyle and convenience.

In 2014, Sami’s Kitchen launched its first collaboration with renowned Turkish chef Somer Sivrioglu, of Balmain’s Efendy Restaurant in Sydney’s inner west. Somer shares his intricate knowledge of regional Turkish cuisine through the expanded range of Spice Blends offered by Sami’s Kitchen.

Gluten-Free & Pure Sami’s Kitchen spice blends contain no Salt, Sugar, Flour or fillers. Nothing but pure spices and herbs are included in these unique products.


Sami's Kitchen Kofte Spice
Ex Tax: $6.15
Sami's Kitchen Syrian Zaatar
Ex Tax: $5.15
Sami's Kitchen Turkish Fish Spice
Ex Tax: $6.15