Fleur De Sel

Fleur de sel, the “flower of the salt,” is the name for salt that has been hand grazed from salt ponds surrounding certain villages in France, predominately around Brittany, on the Atlantic coast, and in the Camargue, on the Mediterranean.

Fleur de sel is harvested between the months of  May and  September, when artisan Paludierr patiently wait for the shallow pools of water in the salt ponds to evaporate, creating the much loved and prized salt crystals. Harvesting Fleur de Sel is a delicate art: excessive movement of the water will cause the flowers to sink to the bottom of the ponds,  therefore Fleu de Sel salt is only harvested when the weather is warm and the winds are light. Each new day a fresh layer of salt rises to the surface of the pond, crystallising in delicate flakes that are scooped up by the paludier using a wide, flat board on the end of a long pole. Each day there is one harvesting of the Fleur de Sel, white in colour and often with a pinkish hue, Fleur de Sel is prized by Gourmet Cooks and Chefs for its high quality and unique flavours. Fleur de Sel is characterised by its light and gentle flakes. Fleur de Sel is the ideal salt for finishing dishes in the kitchen or at the table. Try Fleur de sel sprinkled over hot buttered new potatoes. Yum!

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