Gourmet Salt

Deriving its name from the Latin word sal, salt is as old as the hills, known by the Romans for its preservative properties and the curing of Olives, salt processing has been traced back to around 400BC in Romania and ancient China.

 A well stocked pantry will have a selection of salts, each of which have their own special niche role in the cook or chefs cuisine.  We sell a fine range of salts, from pure rock salt to flavoured salt and  recommend the following four types of salt for the kitchen staples:

Natural sea salt for everyday use and a fine sea salt (table salt) for baking.

Feur de Sel or similar for a high quality finishing salt.

And Rck salt fo the baking of meats or fish.

Keep these salts stored in sealed containers and close to hand so that you can always use the preferred salt for the preferred cooking task.