TranquiliTEA Sleep (70g)


Bodhi – TranquiliTEA Sleep (70g)

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Bodhi Organic Tea creates delicious, certified organic herbal teas with the finest quality loose leaves and therapeutic properties. TranquiliTEA is a blend of certified organic licorice, aniseed, fennel, valerian and passionflower. This relaxing loose leaf tea is a comforting night-time drink, with a soothing licorice after taste. Licorice and aniseed are included for their effectiveness in improving sleep while fennel, valerian and passionflower help with digestive and anxiety related issues which may interfere with sleep.  

Use 250ml of boiling water to 1 teaspoon of tea and infuse for 4 minutes.  

Made with certified organic licorice, aniseed, fennel, valerian, and passionflower


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