Maggie Beer Durand Gin – The Good Wife


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Brett, head distiller and Maggie’s son in law has spent the last 3 years developing this Gin range and has recently completed the “family trio” which we feel covers the palate for existing Gin lovers as well as new comers to Gins recent fast track to frame. We also have a non Gin spirit in the works as a tribute to the late Saskia Beer as she was not the Gin lover the rest of us are we needed more time to develop her label and we will enjoy it in her memory as it has always been very much the 4 of us! The Good Wife, a Sloe gin, using a classic juniper base with of course sloe berries, we steep for a shorter period of time than the traditional Sloe’s so it just grabs the berry flavour and a strong rose colouring, we get a bit of sugar and spice though cardamom, cinnamon, angelica and some orange peel this one was created for Elli, Brett’s wife and Maggie’s youngest daughter. Alcohol: 42% Approx. Standard Drinks: 16.6 Cellaring: Indefinite while sealed, use within 12 months after opening, once opened best stored in fridge Mixing Suggestion: Over ice with Maggie’s Sparkling Ruby Cabernet, fresh mint & lime or Mix in a Singapore Sling!


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