Pasta, Rice & Sauces

No Gourmet Kichen is complete without a pantry of pastas ready to create a quick and delicious gourmet meal for the unexpected visitor: from Benedetto Cavalieri I have 5 great pastas, Casarecci, Orecchiette, penne Rigate, Rotelle and Ruote Passe. From Martelli we have Penne, Spaghetti and Spaghettin. In the Rustichell D'Abruzo  range, our largest pasta renge,  I have selected, Fettuccine, Linguine, Pappardelle, Penne, Penne Lisce, Rigatoncini, Spegahetti and Spaghettini andTrofle. Simon Johnson completes our pasta range with three Organic Pastas, Fuslli, Linguine Trenette and Strozzpreti.

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