Bitton Orange Jelly

Bitton Orange Jelly
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Bitton Orange Jelly Is a beautiful mistake! This is a luscious syrup with a touch of toffee. Use as a glaze for ham, roast duck or chicken wings. A great dressing for roasted beetroot or baby carrots. Drizzle over crème brûlée, steamed puddings or strawberries and ice-cream. A brilliant addition to a cheese plate. Bon appétit


  • Use it as a braise for a leg of lamb.
  • Drizzle over fruit salad and yoghurt.
  • Baste a duck breast or leg.
  • Pour over French crepes or pancakes.
  • Try it on your morning toast with fresh ricotta.
  • Mix a couple of tablespoons with some mascarpone and serve with any chocolate cake or tart.
  • Drizzle over slices of fresh orange and roasted macadamia nuts as a simple dessert.
  • Serve it with a cheese platter.
  • Use it as a dressing on a salad of baby beetroot, goats cheese and walnuts.
  • Serve as a topping for panna cotta or crème caramel.


Orange juice (47%), sugar, apple juice.

All Bitton products are gluten free except the Asian Dressing, made using non GM ingredients, made using natural products only.