Goan Cuisine Mango & Lime Chutney

Goan Cuisine Mango & Lime Chutney
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Goan Cuisine Mango Lime Chutney

Use as an accompaniment to entrees or mains:

An ideal savoury accompaniment to curries, corned beef, roast lamb, meat loaf, kebabs, spicy chicken dishes and rice.

Add to cream cheese and use it as a dip, and on cheese platters.

Excellent as a glaze for chicken, beef and pork skewers, with cold and barbecued meats, in sandwiches, focaccias, and savoury brioche.


Goan Cuisine Roast Mango & Lime Pork Fillet Recipe - Serves 5


1kg  Pork Fillet

100g Goan Cuisine MANGO & LIME CHUTNEY

20ml Canola Oil

1 bulb Fennel, julienne

1 bulb Red Onion, finely sliced

1/2 large Cabbage, julienne

20g butter


Roast Pork Fillet glazed with Mango & Lime Chutney and Sauté of fennel, red onion and cabbage:

Seal off pork fillet in hot pan and roast in oven until just done. In a large frying pan melt butter and sauté red onion, fennel and cabbage,

season with salt and cracked pepper.

To finish pork, spoon Goan Cuisine MANGO & LIME CHUTNEY over pork,  place into oven to complete cooking and achieve a caramelized glaze on surface.

To serve: Place sauté of vegetables on plate and slices of glazed pork across.