Spoonfed Foods

The range of Spoonfed Foods Original & Best Savoury Jams have been created by Jo Mitchell, who has a business background in marketing and food retailing, and Jenny Waterman, a professional cook with a background in food manufacturing. They both share a lifelong love of good food and a passion for cooking.

Back in 2005, Jo realised there was no quality food partner available to go with barbecued, roasted or grilled Lamb except a supermarket grade artificial green flavoured mint jelly. This realisation gave rise to a creative partnership producing the highly successful and acclaimed product – LAMB JAM.

There was in fact very little in the way of quality and flavoursome meat partner accompaniments to go with white and red meats, and cheeses.

The unique range of flavour combinations Jo and Jenny have created and perfected are unbeatable and are gluten free and made in Australia from the best quality natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives.

Spoonfed Foods Ham Jam
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