Cavedoni Affinato Balsamic Vinegar

Cavedoni Affinato Balsamic Vinegar
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Weight: 100.00ml
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The “Cavedoni” name alone speaks volume. Just seeing it on the label of this premium balsamic vinegar should be enough to convince you that this bottle is the right choice. The Cavedoni family has been producing top-notch balsamic vinegars since 1860, and every bottle you buy is a piece of history and tradition.

Cavedoni Affinato is not as fancy as Mussini Balsamico 100 Years but it’s definitely finer than any condimento-grade balsamic vinegar. Whether you want to wow your guests at parties or  treat yourself to an elevated home cooked meal, Cavedoni Affinato will do the job just right. 

Made from the combination of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes hailed the Castelvetro territory of Modena, Italy, this aged traditional balsamic vinegar will bring a delightful twist to your salads, fruits, and cheeses.

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