La Vecchia Dispensa Organic Balsamic 250mls

Organic Balsamic La Vecchia Dispensa.
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Organic Balsamic La Vecchia Dispensa.

The secret to great balsamic vinegar is the art of blending the slow aged vinegar. Marino Tintori from La Vecchia Dispensa stresses the importance of balance rather than sweetness, which has appeal to the masses but masks the complexity of the balsamic. This 8 year old Organic Balsamic Vinegar delivers an elegant balance with complex flavours occuring from this traditional process.ngredients: organic cooked grape must, organic wine vinegar. Allergens: Contains Sulphites.

Free from caramel, thickening agents or other additives. GMO FREE.

Suggestions for use: A rounded dense Balsamic Vinegar with a decidedly sweet flavor. Ideal for cheese, grilled vegetables, ice-cream: final touch add to first courses like risotto, ravioli, potatoes gnocchi seasoned with butter and Parmigiano Reggiano. This dense vinegar may be used in many different ways in kitchen without reducing or cooking.