Elementi Fig Balsamic Glaze 150mls

Elementi Fig Balsamic Glaze
Product Code: Fig Balsamic Glaze 150mls
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Elementi Fig Balsamic Glaze

Do you love the taste of figs? Enjoy it in Elementi Fig Balsamic Glaze. Experience the delightful taste of figs mingling with the sweet and tangy flavor of balsamic vinegar. Pump this balsamic glaze on cheeses, salads, fruits, and even your favorite desserts for added zest. With the elegant hint of figs, every mouthful would be a “frutili-cious” experience.

In addition, using balsamic glazes is a good place to start with when it comes to balsamic vinegars. Although they’re far from authentic traditional balsamic vinegars like Il Priveligio or La Vecchia Dispensa Cordon Rouge, flavored glazes can slowly introduce you to the culinary and gastronomical delights of Italy’s aceto balsamico.

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