Joseph First Run 2021 Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 375ml

Joseph First Run 2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Joseph First Run 2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Joseph First Run is the oil from the season's first crop, raw and untamed. These low yield olives, some of them wild, produce brilliant green oil tinged with lime and gold. Powerful green olive aromas are supported by a lifted fruitiness and a long peppery spice. No filtering and early bottling help capture its raw flavour. Bottle on 14th July, this Australian Icon is fresh seasonal produce at it's best. Heralding the start of the new season, the 2017 JOSEPH First Run Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first and freshest oil to be released from an outstanding growing season. As the name suggests, this Australian gourmet icon is the very first run of oil from the harvest’s first crop. The oil yield per tonne is very low but the olive fruit characters are at their strongest.