Goan Cuisine Eggplant Kasaundi

Goan Cuisine Eggplant Kasaundi
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Goan Cuisine Eggplant Kasaundi

Kasaundi is a tomato based gourmet sauce that is widely used in India and qualifies as chutney because of its vegetable or fruit base and thick texture. Many other thinner sauces, lack texture and hearty thickness to cling to food whereas  Kasaundi by itself adheres well to most foods without the addition of other ingredients.


As dressings, chunky or blended, to be drizzled or dotted on, eg. Beef entrees or mains.

As part of an onion base for Pilafs

To impart a distinctive flavour to stews, ragouts, braised dishes, eg. for lamb shanks and braised beef dishes.

In flavouring dishes that require spicing up, such as yellow split peas, stir-fries.

An appetising filling in sandwiches, a savoury dip and a versatile accompaniment to cold meats, roast, pasta, rice and other meals.

Goan Cuisine Lentil Curry Recipe


1 1/2 cups Red Lentils

2 finely sliced Onions

 2 cloves, crushed Garlic

 1 teaspoon Red mustard seeds

 3 tablespoons Goan Cuisine EGGPLANT KASAUNDI

 2 tablespoons Oil


Wash lentils thoroughly until water runs clear and boil until just done. Keep aside.

In a deep pan, heat oil and when hot throw in mustard seeds. After mustard seeds “spurt” and release their flavour, add garlic and onions and cook on medium heat until brown.

 Add Goan Cuisine Eggplant Kasuandi and red lentils and stir thoroughly on low heat, heating the curry through gently. (You can add 3-4 hard boiled eggs cut in half at this stage for Dhal and Egg Curry or 1 cup of drained chopped spinach for Dhal and Spinach Curry). Heat through and taste for salt.


 For a hotter curry add fresh de-seeded chopped green chillies. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. This Dhal can be served with steamed rice or chapatis and a strong bold pickle like Goan Cuisine Green Chilli Jam or the milder but warm Goan Cuisine Mango Chutney. A handful of dried prawns fried with garlic is also an excellent accompaniment to the Dhal and rice.