Stefano's Peach & Vanilla Bean Jam

Stefano's Peach & Vanilla Bean Jam
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Stefano's Peach Vanilla Jam

The peach and vanilla combination in this jam make it unique. Try adding to pancakes with ice cream; the base of a fruit tart; the layering of a sponge cake; or, using as a glaze.

The most popular of Stefano's preserves, this fruit rich, dense, and fragrant jam is guaranteed to astonish your taste buds every-time. Every jar bursts with the flavours of fresh peaches, vanilla beans and zingy lemon juice. Try adding to a fresh slice of buttered toasted sourdough; your sorbet mix; the base of a fruit tart or glaze; layering of a sponge cake.

INGREDIENTS: Peaches (57%), Sugar, Lemon, Vanilla Beans