Petite Maison Brie Baking Kits

Inspired by the rustic charm of French country life, these ceramic Brie Bakers are ideal for baking Camembert, Brie and other fine cheeses. The Petite Maison brie baker is another great gift product for someone special in your life.

Peek under the lid of this subtle earthenware-esque warming pot to discover, nestled within, luxuriously creamy warm Brie softly mingling with sinfully delicious fruit compote. Destined to be the new object of desire at parties across the continent this creamy double handled pot includes a lid and bamboo spreader.

The Brie baker comes in a circular faux-wood box resembling a traditional Brie cheese wheel.

Brie Baker Recipe

Using the Brie Baker is really easy, just follow these simple steps. Preheat oven to 350o F. Slice off the top off a small brie wheel and spread a generous amount of your choice of Compote, Onion Confit, Brie Brule or jam. Place in the baker, cover, and bake for 20 minutes or until gently softened and warmed through. Serve with chunks of baguette, fruit or crackers and you have a mouthwatering dish to serve with drinks or serve after dinner with coffee.

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