Cicada Ethically Sourced Chocolates


Inspired by the slow food movement and a belief in ethically sourced produce, Cicada Chocolate was created to make delicious bean to bar chocolate without all the additives and nasty bits. The idea is simple – to make really really good chocolate.

WHAT IS "BEAN TO BAR" CHOCOLATE? Bean to bar chocolate refers to the creation of chocolate from the sourcing of the beans until the creation of the chocolate bar. More specifically, bean to bar chocolate producers source their own cacao beans from plantations around the world, then roast, crack, winnow and refine the beans into chocolate. Generally, bean to bar producers do not use many ingredients in their chocolate and rely on the natural superiority of flavour in their beans and the methods by which they extract this flavour.

WHERE DOES CICADA SOURCE THEIR BEANS? They source cacao beans from the very best single plantation farms from around the world. Cicada pay well above the minimum fair trade price and source directly from individual farmers or co-ops. Cicada believe that good chocolate shouldn’t be over processed and contain a long list of obscure ingredients. If it’s made with good beans and a good heart, it will taste great! From bean to bar, join us for an adventure into the world of REAL chocolate.

The Cicada Team Note: The Cicada team supports the eradication of worker exploitation in the chocolate industry. All our beans are sourced from reputable farmers and co-ops. We specifically avoid buying beans from Cote d‘Ivoire and surrounding countries in Africa which are known to exploit children and other workers. We support the organisations Stop Chocolate Slavery and Anti-Slavery and we encourage our customers to also support these worthy causes.

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