Christmas Essentials

The Gourmet Grocer carries all the essential kitchen favourites to ensure an awesome Christmas feast. We Have Goose or Duck fat for the best ever roast potatoes.  Whole Chestnuts for making the best christmas stuffing and Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup the perfect accompaniment for a celabratory glass of champagne.

Barbieri Mustard Fruits 380g
Ex Tax: $20.99
Clement Faugier Whole Chestnuts
Ex Tax: $14.95
Phillippa's Herbed Spiced Nuts
Ex Tax: $13.63
Rougie Duck Fat
Ex Tax: $14.95
Rougie Goose Fat
Ex Tax: $14.95
Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup
Ex Tax: $11.95
Wild Hibiscus in Syrup 3 Jar Pack
Ex Tax: $32.95
Wild Hibiscus In Syrup 5 Jar Pack
Ex Tax: $49.95
Sale Phillippa's Butter Plumb Pudding
$41.95 $20.00
Ex Tax: $20.00