Herbie's, Korma Curry

Herbie's, Korma Curry
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Herbie's Korma Curry

The word "korma" literally means"cooked meat". Korma its roots in the cuisine of modern-day India and Pakistan. Classically, a korma is defined as a dish where meat or vegetables are braised with water, stock, and yogurt or cream added.

The flavour of a korma is based on a mixture of spices, including ground coriander and cumin, combined with yogurt and incorporated slowly and carefully with the meat juices. A korma can be mildly spiced or fiery and may use lamb, chicken,  beef, or game.


Coriander Seed, Cumin, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Chilli, Pepper, Cardamom, Cloves.  (SML PKT)