Crystal Extra Hot Sauce

Crystal Extra Hot Sauce
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Crystal Extra Hot Sauce

In the deep south of the US of A, they certainly love a good dash of hot sauce. So when condiment kings Crystal say their hot sauce is Louisiana’s favourite, that’s not to be taken lightly! Long a favourite ingredient of the Cajun and Creole cuisine which pervades the south, hot sauce is big on flavour, and big on heat!

Hot sauce not hot enough for you? Try Crystal's Extra Hot Sauce - the sauce that separates the men from the boys! And maybe even the masochists from the men...

Chilli lovers out there don’t need to be told what you can use Crystal’s Extra Hot Sauce for (er –everything!), but they do need to be told that this is no ordinary hot sauce! Made in New Orleans, with three times the heat of ordinary hot sauce, each cayenne pepper is hand-picked at its sun-ripened best, and then ground and processed to release more of those great pepper flavours.

Just one taste and you’ll be shouting hot dang! That is some extra hot sauce!


  • Made in New Orleans, Louisiana USA from hand-picked cayenne peppers picked at their ripest.
  • Ground and processed with care for more flavour.
  • Three times the heat of ordinary hot sauce.
  • Controlled heat level keeps the emphasis on flavour.
  • Louisiana’s favourite!
  • Presented in a glass screw top bottle.

Volume: 177ml.