Wine and Champagne Hampers

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The Gourmet Grocer – Hampers with Style and Class

Wine and Champagne Hampers Added to the Range

It’s time to think about gifts with presentation, style and class – gourmet hampers. Now these are not just any old hampers, and the “gourmet” is the clue. No every-day supermarket products find their way into these hampers. Every item is selected with care to tempt the food and wine connoisseur, and only products that pass a strict quality testing process make it to the selection list.

 The range includes the finest Australian products, as well as the best from recognized international food, wine and beverage producers. Prize-winning wines and champagnes rub shoulders with, chocolates from Devon, gourmet fruit and nuts and dozens of other delicious surprises find their way into our gourmet hampers.
“My admin team really stretched themselves to learn a new computer system and all the while keeping the work up to date and the customers looked after,” said Angelo, a software designer. “I wanted to reward them with something different, so I organised hampers from a specialist gourmet service and had them delivered direct to their homes. They were gobsmacked!”
Sometimes special gifts need to speak volumes about a relationship, event or celebration. Often these are the occasions where liquid delights go hand in hand with treats and what better combination could there be than champagne and chocolates. For that personal touch, wine and champagne hampers with some special chocolate products languishing casually between the bottles says “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” “That was a wonderful evening,” or indeed, anything.
All hampers are carefully packed in sturdy wooden boxes designed for transportation, stylishly emblazoned and packaged to suit the occasion. The boxes and the packaging protect the products, especially the wine and champagne hampers. The range of wines and champagnes that go into the hampers includes some dazzling vintages, so keeping them intact during transit is vital. The hampers are available in a pre-selected range, or can be custom designed by the purchaser.
“Why struggle to find a gift when you could go for a gourmet hamper and design it yourself. That’s what I did when I needed to send a gift to Perth,” said Lauren. “I had a stupid argument with my mother-in-law on Facebook! Can you believe that? I needed to apologise, and I knew her tastes in wine and champagne. It was so easy, and we’re friends again.”
Gourmet hampers are unique in that they can reflect an intimate and personal relationship by containing special items that have meaning only to the giver and receiver, or they can be appropriately “arm’s length” for people whose tastes are not known. They raise the standard and delight the receiver. The only challenge for the giver is finding something to top it next time!
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