Not Getting Too Silly in the Silly Season

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From about the start of November until the end of January we have this joyous time called the Christmas season. During this time there are many reasons to celebrate and many events to attend. End of year office parties, school break holidays, family get-togethers and New Year’s Eve are the main motives for having a really good time.

This also means it’s the time that many people forget themselves and their healthy eating regime. More alcoholic beverages are consumed, more carbohydrates, more sugar, more fats and more food in general. If you are one of these people, take comfort in knowing you are not alone and that there are some simple solutions for eating better.

While we at the Gourmet Grocer Online believe you should have your treats and indulgences, we also advocate healthy lifestyles and eating in moderation. So if you would like to keep an eye on yourself and your calorie consumption this season, check out the tips below.

Being prepared for parties and get-togethers

Parties are one of the main culprits of over eating. Well meaning hosts lay out spreads of delicious nibbles and food that are too hard to resist, but you must, within reason. A good trick is not to arrive hungry. Even if it is for a dinner, eat something small that contains protein before you go.

This way you don’t dive bomb the nibbles table and make a spectacle of yourself. If it is a dinner, ask for a smaller portion size. Smaller portion sizes go a long way to helping you watch your calorie intake.

Getting together with family and friends at this time of the year is very enjoyable and customarily comes with a beverage in hand. This could be alcoholic, soft drink or juice. Whichever drink you are holding, know that they all contain extra sugar and additives that will make you feel overdone later.

A good tactic is to alternate with water. Make every second drink a glass of water so that you are flushing your body and still keeping hydrated, which is also important in the heat.

Meal alterations

We are not suggesting that when it comes to meals or food that you miss out. In fact we insist that if you do indulge that you do yourself a favour and make it some of the fine fare we have available at the Gourmet Grocer Online.

We do suggest making some swaps for your meals. For instance, instead of gravy on vegetables try fresh squeezed lemon with herbs. Swap roast potato for baked potato or home-made dressing for salads and desserts with less sugar content.

Cutting down on the food and drink excess does not mean cutting down on the fun and at the end of it all, your body will thank you for it.

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