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Gourmet Hampers from the Gourmet Grocer.

A Different Hamper for Every Special Day of the Year

Gourmet hampers are a wonderful way to celebrate the different celebrations that we enjoy throughout the year, and there are literally dozens of celebratory days depending on your culture, religion and ethnic origin. At the Gourmet Grocer there are a range of hampers already configured for you which are just divine. However, if you want to celebrate a special day in your own way, you can choose from gourmet foods, wines, herbs and spices, confectionery, pantry foods and a host of other gourmet goodies to make your hamper as individual as you are.

Valentine’s Day is an important event, early in the year, that is celebrated almost world-wide. Forget red hearts and flowers, and impress your valentine next year with a gourmet hamper, themed for the occasion. The choices are limited only by your imagination and could include the obligatory chocolates and wine (after all, it is Valentine’s Day), but also other goods that are synonymous with romance.

Easter is another major commemorative occasion that is sacred to many religions, and gourmet hampers that express the seriousness of the occasion, while delighting the recipient with fabulous food selections need another stretch of the imagination. Try special teas, oils, spices, vinegars and dressings, seafood, mushrooms, wines and pastas.

“Our niece in Queensland was coming to Melbourne for Easter, then had work commitments and couldn’t get here. She sent us a beautiful gourmet hamper from the Gourmet Grocer instead, and while we were disappointed that we wouldn’t see her, we certainly weren’t disappointed with the hamper. It was wonderful.”

An Australian citizenship ceremony just cries out to be celebrated. If you have family, friends or neighbours who are taking the pledge to call Australia home, what better way to welcome them into the fold than a gourmet hamper Aussie-style.

“Our neighbours came here as refugees from Somalia after many hardships. They are gorgeous people, and so excited to be Australians. After the ceremony, we did an Aussie picnic in the local park, and gave them a Gourmet Grocer hamper we had created ourselves. You couldn’t get the smiles off their faces.”

In such a diverse and multi-cultural society, there are dozens of days that deserve to be celebrated - Halloween, Labour Day, Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Epiphany, St Stephens’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Assumption Day, Harvest Festival, SinterKlaas, Hogmanay, Confucius’ Birthday and there are literally dozens of others, all of particular significance to Australians whose origins lay in other parts of the world. Any of these days can be enhanced with fine food and drink around a table filled with family and friends.

All gourmet hampers from Gourmet Grocer Online http://www.gourmetgroceronline.com.au/ are packaged in their own special crate. The sturdy construction makes it perfect for transporting its precious contents across the city, the country or the world. These hampers are sturdy, elegant, beautifully packaged and packed with a wondrous array of culinary delights.

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