Charmaine Solomon

Charmaine Solomon Recipes are known and loved throughout Australia. Charmaine Solomon has turned some of her famous recipes into simple to use authentic asian curries and laksa pastes. Now making a Charmaine Solomon Chicken Curry couldn't be easier, with curry pastes and sauces for lamb curry, fish curry, butter chicken and more.

Charmaine Solomon’s Korma Curry Paste is a mild curry based on the recipes of India and Pakistan and is a firm favourite with children becoming accustomed to spiced curries. From Thailand's gorgeous spicy cuisine we have Charmaine Solomon’s Red, Green and Masaman Curry Pastes, all of which are rated medium hot.

All Charmaine and Reuben Solomon's products are MSG, Gluten, Transfat, Artificial Colour and Artificial Flavour Free.