T2 Honeybush & Rooibos Teas

Same, same but different, these two African varieties of bush tea are an absolute bombshell of health benefits. Naturally sweet and slightly nutty, Rooibos or “red bush” is cultivated from a native South African shrub, as is the closely related Honeybush or “bush tea” which has a distinctly sweet fragrance that is similar to honey. While not technically teas both are caffeine-free and high in antioxidants and minerals, providing a plethora of healthy gains. Beautiful in colour and mellow in flavour, our Rooibos range is red hot and rousing.

T2 Honey Green Almond Tisane 100g
Ex Tax: $15.00
T2 Red (Rooibos) 100g
Ex Tax: $13.00
T2 Red (Rooibos) Tin 250g
Ex Tax: $28.25
T2 Red Green Vanilla Tea 100g
Ex Tax: $14.00
T2 Red Green Vanilla Tea Tin 250g
Ex Tax: $34.50