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Mont-Soleil is a raw (unpasteurised) cow milk cheese from the Swiss alpine town of St Imier. Milk for the cheese comes from Swiss Brown herds fed only on alpine pastures.
The cheese has a light tawny orange rind, is of medium density without holes, and is a pale jonquil yellow in colour.
Quite aromatic, it displays delicate creamy and buttery characters on the nose.
Its flavours are subtle and will remind you at the same time of sweetness, nuttiness and herbaceousness. Imagine a tantalizing blend of caramel and roast macadamias along with a sprinkling of mixed green herbs.
In the mouth it develops a delightful elastic smoothness without any graininess and the aftertaste is firm, enhanced by the faintest saltiness.
Mont Soleil is moreish when eaten without any accompaniment whatsoever. Yet it can also feature on a cheese platter served with dry biscuits, wafer-thin slices of fresh apples and pears, and bunches of muscatel grapes.

Try serving with champagne, a New Zealand sauvignon blanc or a German lager.